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Add a "Subscribe & Save" Link to the Top Navigation Bar on your Homepage
Add a "Subscribe & Save" Link to the Top Navigation Bar on your Homepage
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It's beneficial to add a top navigation link to your website just for subscriptions.


  • Customers will easily see you offer subscriptions

  • Customers can easily find your subscription products

  • You can take them straight to a particular product (like a subscription box)

  • Helps drive traffic to your subscription products

  • Helps increase revenue by pushing subscriptions

How to Set up:

  1. From Shopify, click Online Store --> Navigation

2. Under Menus, click Main Menu

3. Click Add Menu Item

✅ If you want to promote a subscription box

Name: Subscription Box

Link: Choose Products, find subscription box and click on it

✅ If you want to promote a Build a Box

Name: Subscribe & Save

Link: Enter your unique Build a box link (provided inside our Ongoing app under the Build a Box section) and then choose the link Shopify generates

✅ If you want to promote all of your subscription products

Name: Subscribe & Save

Link: Choose a collection (make sure you already have a collection called "Subscriptions") and choose that

4. Click Save

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