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How to fill out the Stripe Migration Request Form
How to fill out the Stripe Migration Request Form
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If you are migrating from Stripe to ONGOING, Stripe will require you to fill out a Migration Request Form.

Below is an example of how you can easily fill out this form.

✅ Account:

Choose your correct account from drop-down menu

✅ What do you need help with?

Data Migrations

✅ You are currently logged into -Name of Store- with account id #XYZ

Is this the correct account for this data migration request?


✅ What type of data migration can we assist you with?

Export data out of Stripe to a third party

✅ Which processor would you like to export data to?

Shopify (choose your new payment processor)

✅ What payment types would you like to export?


✅ Which file format would you prefer for your export?


✅ Would you like to export the full set of customers from your account, or only a partial subset?


✅ Is there any other information you want us to know?

It's best to leave this blank

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