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Ongoing Subscriptions App - Overview of Pricing & Plans
Ongoing Subscriptions App - Overview of Pricing & Plans

How Shopify Bills the Merchant for any usages on the Ongoing Subscriptions app

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When do I get billed from Ongoing Subscriptions?

Shopify handles billing for all Shopify apps, so Shopify will be the one billing you. It's a regular bill like you would get from any other Shopify app you use.

Shopify stores pay their Shopify bills every month.

If there are any bills to pay regarding app charges, Shopify operates their billing for apps on a 30 days later cycle.

30 day cycles is the normal expected behavior of the Shopify billing cycle.

This means you will get a bill from Ongoing Subscriptions typically 30 days after the original transaction fee was charged.

How do I get billed from Ongoing Subscriptions?

The way you pay your Shopify bills (all together) is how you pay for your usages with Ongoing subscriptions, it'll be lumped up with all your other Shopify bills.

So when you pay your Shopify bills, Ongoing Subscriptions will just be included in there.

What is the Pricing for Ongoing Subscriptions?

Ongoing Subscriptions uses a transaction based approach to billing.

Depending on your plan that you choose, we offer different transaction fees to make our app affordable for everyone.

Check the Ongoing Subscriptions Shopify app listing for the most up-to-date pricing information.


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