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How to Determine if Klaviyo Shopify Discount Codes Apply to Subscriptions
How to Determine if Klaviyo Shopify Discount Codes Apply to Subscriptions
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If you are worried that customers can use the discount code on top of a subscription discount and get a huge discount that was not intended, don't worry there are ways to make sure this does not occur.

When Klaviyo automatically generates a coupon code for your products, you can check the discount code that was created to see what Purchase-Type it applies to.

Shopify's default behavior is to not apply discount codes to subscription products, but if the coupon code is automatically generating from a 3rd party app such as Klaviyo, you might have different rules and settings on Klaviyo that can change this default behavior and apply it to both one time purchases and subscription products, so it's best to double check.

You can also contact Klaviyo and ask them to review your settings.

✅ Step 1: Review the discount code that was created by Klaviyo

This will help determine the Purchase-Type it applies to such as: subscription products, One-time Purchases, or Both.

If you want the Klaviyo discount to not apply to subscriptions, you'll want only one-time purchase option selected for Purchase -Type.

➡️ From Shopify ➡ Discounts ➡ Locate Klaviyo discount ➡ review Purchase Type selection

🔵 If you don't want people using that discount code on subscription products, make sure that it's not automatically including subscription products in the coupon code

✅ Step 2: Test it out.

Add a subscription product to your cart, and try to checkout with the Klaviyo Discount code to see if it is eligible or not.

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