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Return a 5th year senior
Return a 5th year senior

Returning a 5th year senior or other student that has been completely removed from jmc can be done with the New Student Wizard.

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The "Returning Student" feature in jmc Office allows you to easily utilize existing student records for enrollment reporting when a student returns to your school after being removed from your site as is often the case for 5th-year seniors. By selecting the "Returning Student" option and choosing the student from the dropdown list, you can quickly update their status to "Active" and ensure accurate enrollment information.

To begin returning students, log in to jmc Office and head to Edit > New Student Wizard.

Step One: Select the "Returning Student" radio button from the "New/Existing Student" pop-up box to indicate that the student is returning to your district.

Step Two: Click a student's name from the "Find Returning Student" drop-down list to select a returning student.

Helpful Tip: Review the displayed student or contact information to verify that it is accurate and up-to-date.

Step Three: Click the “Accept Student” button to return the selected student to "Active" status in your jmc database.

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