Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to jmc Office accounts by requiring users to confirm their identity using a confirmation code each time they try to login on a new browser. Setting up two-factor authentication adds another layer of protection to give you and the families you serve peace of mind when sharing sensitive information stored in jmc.

To set up two-factor authentication, log in to jmc Office and head to File > Application Security.

Step One: Ensure all jmc office users have a valid email address entered on the "User Privileges" tab.

Step Two: Click the “Password Security” tab to view security settings.

Step Three: Select "Office" from the "Application Settings" to set up two-factor authentication for jmc office users.

Step Four: Place a checkmark in the "Activate Two-Factor Authentication" checkbox to require office users to authenticate with two-factor authentication.

Step Five: Select a time from the "Two-Factor Authentication Token Expiration" drop-down list to permit user access from an authenticated browser for a period of time before requiring re-authentication.

Fun Fact: When Two-Factor Authentication is enabled, users will be emailed a link with a code to register their browser with their jmc account. This link/code will be emailed each time a user attempts a login from a new browser.

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