Uh-oh, little Johnny is just about out of money in his lunch account. Never fear, with jmc's online payment module built right into jmc Parent, you can add money to the lunch account on the fly and Johnny can have all the peas and carrots he wants.

Step One: In jmc Parent, select Lunch. 

Step Two: View information relating to the parent family lunch account in the top text box.

Step Two: Choose a student's account detail to view in the bottom text box by selecting the appropriate student in the drop-down list.

Step Three: Click the "jmc Online deposit" button.

Step Four: Input online deposit information.

Step Five: Click "Submit" to activate your payment.

Helpful Tip: Parents can add their email to receive a receipt and save their payment information for easier future use.

Helpful Tip: Use the "Manage Payment Methods" quick link on the right side of the page to view and edit your saved payment methods.

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