During online registration, families can submit new and changed information for their students. Office staff can approve or reject the changes in jmc Office with the click of a button to permanently store the submitted information as part of the student's records.

To get started, log in to jmc Office and head to jmc Family > Online Registration > Merge Data > Student Data.

Step One: Select a student to review from the "Modified Students" list in the upper left.

Helpful Tip: When selecting a student, the changes submitted by the family will be displayed in the "Proposed Modifications" list for your easy review.

Step Two: Verify that you agree with the information submitted in the "Proposed Modifications" list to accept this change.

Helpful Tip: Simply uncheck any checkbox to prevent that specific change from updating in jmc Office. All other "Proposed Modifications" will update.

Fun Fact: If the family entered a note with the submission, it will appear in the "Note From Parent" field.

Step Three: Click the “Accept” button to save the changes to the student’s record or click the "Reject" button to ignore all proposed changes to a student's record.

Step Four: Click the "Print" button to create a copy of the current student's proposed changes for future reference.

Helpful Tip: Select the “Not Finished List” or “Finished List” Quick Links to see which families have completed or started the registration process.

  • Click the "Print" or "Export" button while viewing the “Not Finished List” or “Finished List” to print the list for later reference or to export to a CSV file.

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