Filling In Rosters
Adding students to activity rosters is done one of three ways:

  • Office personnel can go to Activities > Edit Student Activities to add all of the activities in which a student participates at one time. Think of this as adding activities to a student.

  • Another way is to go to Activities > Edit Activity Rosters. Here, an office pro can add all the participants to a sport, club, or activity. Think of this one as adding students to an activity. Note: Some of the students on the roster may need to be designated as Captain, Co-Captain, Editor, President, etc. This can be done by first adding these students to the roster, then clicking on the student record in the roster, and then clicking on the special commendation for that student in the upper-left corner.

  • A coach can add students to his or her activity in the Coach/Advisor mobile app.

Helpful Tip: A great feature on this page is the grade menu, located just above the available students list. By default, this menu is set for All, meaning that all students are currently displayed in this list. By selecting a grade level from this menu, the list will display only the students from the selected grade.

Helpful Tip: If the special commendation is not listed, it may be because: 

  • A student record is not selected. 

  • The special commendation is not defined. 

  • The special commendation is not tied to this particular activity.

Once the rosters are entered, they can be printed and distributed to coaches and advisors as appropriate.

Compliance Queries
Perform a compliance query to ensure that all students have the appropriate parent permission slips and physical exams in order to participate in activities.

Before the query will be accurate and complete, all activity definitions must be updated to reflect the requirements for these dates. 

Some activities may only require a parent permission slip whereas others may also require a physical. Some activities may not require either one. The dates defined for these on the activity definitions page reflect the oldest possible date acceptable for physicals and parent permission slips for this activity.

If a date is left blank in the activity definition, it will be assumed by any query that no date is required for that aspect of the activity.

Once all activity definitions have been updated and physical exams and parent permission slips have been entered, the compliance query can be run. This can be done from the Activity Query page. By default, all non-compliant students for all activities will be listed in one report. To have your report sorted by activity, select the Sort By: Activity option on the Activity Query page.

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