Every once in a while a food service professional might mistakenly enter a meal or an a la carte item in the Point of Sale, or perhaps a student needs to return a purchase. No worries! Users can easily delete a transaction in jmc Point of Sale! Make any changes to student purchases from the "Breakfast" or "Lunch" homepage while logged into the Point of Sale portal.

To get started deleting a Point of Sale meal or a la carte item, log into the jmc Point of Sale and click the "Begin Breakfast" or "Begin Lunch" button.

Step One: Click the "Delete Transactions" button to pull up a list of all items served for the day.

Fun Fact: The transactions will be listed in chronological order with the newest items charged listed at the top so you don't have to look far down the list for a recent mistake.

Step Two: Click the "Delete" link to delete the transaction associated with that line. 

Helpful Tip: Need to restore a deleted item? Simply click the "Undelete" link next to the item and the transaction will process as normal.

Step Three: Click the "Return to Breakfast" or "Return to Lunch" button to return to the Point of Sale page.

Helpful Tip: Need to delete a charge from a previous date? No problem! At the login screen, click the "Change Date" button, select the date for the change and follow these same steps above!

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