Food service professionals can monitor student lunch account balances right from the lunch line! Keep students up-to-date regarding low balances and even enable alerts to let students know when it's time to add money to their lunch accounts. Enabling and disabling preferences is a piece of cake in the jmc Point of Sale.

Log in to jmc Point of Sale and head to "Preferences" in the hamburger menu tree to access account balance preferences.

Step One: Place a checkmark in the "Always Show Account Balances" checkbox to display student account balances on the Point of Sale page.

Fun Fact: The account balance will appear below the student's grade in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Step Two: Enter a dollar amount in the "Low Balance Limit" field to receive an alert on the Point of Sale page when a student drops below the limit.

Step Four: Click the "Save" button to save your low balance limit.

Step Five: Place a checkmark in the "Enable Low Balance Sound" checkbox to hear an alert when a student reaches the low balance limit when making a purchase.

Step Six: Click the hamburger icon and then the "Home" menu tree item to return to the Point of Sale page.

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