Office professionals and administrators can communicate with families that haven't even entered the district yet through jmc Office and jmc New Family Enrollment. Create custom instructions or messages for the New Family Enrollment portal for new families to see upon submitting an application for enrollment to your district, upon acceptance of the application, or upon rejection of the application.

Go to Enrollment Forms > Family Enrollment Settings in jmc Office to get started.

Step One: Place a checkmark in the "New Family Enrollment Application" checkbox located in the "Application Access" box to allow new families to access the enrollment application.

Step Two: Enter your school’s custom message in the "Application Submission Message" box to display a message to the family when they submit an application.

Step Three: Enter your school’s custom message in the "Accepted Application Message" box to email to the family when you accept the application into jmc Office.

Helpful Tip: When an application is accepted, jmc will email the family your message and include the family's jmc username with a link to set their family password. 

Step Four: Enter your school’s custom message in the "Rejected Application Message" box to email a message to the family if you reject the application in jmc Office.

Helpful Tip: Add a little pizzazz to your messages using the formatting tools and spell checker, such as fonts, bold, italic, hyperlinks to external documents, etc.

Step Five: Click the "Preview" icon to view your messages before saving.

Step Six: Click the "Save" button to save your custom messages for new families.

Helpful Tip: Your messages can contain next steps and other important information for the application process to communicate to new families. For example: "Contact Jane in the office at 319.555.1212 ext 234 to set up an appointment."

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