The new family enrollment feature allows new families to quickly enter their information online about students who are going to be newly enrolled in your district. After families submit their enrollment information, review the submitted information and then choose to reject or accept the new family contact and student information. Accepting the information creates the family and student records in jmc Office for you!

To get started reviewing and accepting new families into your district, log in to jmc Office and go to Enrollment Forms > Family Enrollment Forms.

Step One: Select a family from the "Incoming Contacts" list to review their enrollment information.

Helpful Tip: jmc will list families in the order that their submissions were received to ensure first come first served status.

Step Two: Review the contact in the "Proposed New Contacts" box. If you find a contact that you do not want to import, remove the checkmark from the "Import Contact" checkbox.

Helpful Tip: jmc will automatically look for contacts and student records that already exist in jmc. If the information matches a pre-existing family, they will be marked red and the "Import Contacts" checkbox will be unchecked.

Step Three: Review the "Proposed New Students" list and choose the appropriate "Building" for the school year from the drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: Remove the checkmark from the "Import Student" checkbox for students you don't want to import. This will allow you to import the family record but skip particular students.

Step Four: Click the "Accept" button to import the family information. After accepting a family, the page will populate with the information for the next family on the "Incoming Contacts" list.

Helpful Tip: If you do not want to import any data from this application click the "Reject" button.

Fun Fact: When you accept or reject a family's application, jmc will email the family the pre-defined message set up in Enrollment Forms > Family Enrollment Settings.

Step Five: Click the "Print" button to print a copy of this new family registration information for future reference.

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