For the vast majority of students in your database, their legal name and commonly used names are identical. However, if a student goes by a nickname or shortened version of their legal name, you can now put their legal name in a different field to satisfy state reporting needs while continuing to use their commonly used name everywhere else. Log into the Office program and proceed to Edit > Student Data.

Fun Fact: Prior to beginning this process with jmc, please update the student's name in the MN Student ID Validation System. Entering the jmc steps before updating the MN Student ID Validation System will result in a warning message when submitting Ed-Fi information.

After you have completed the name change with the MN Department of Education (MDE), follow the steps below to add a legal name to a student.

Step One: Enter a name in the "Find" field to begin editing a student's information.

Step Two: Click on the "Sensitive" tab to begin editing a student's legal name.

Step Three: Enter the student's "Legal Last Name", "Legal First Name", "Legal Middle Name" (optional), and "Legal Suffix" (optional) in the appropriate fields to designate a legal name for the student. 

Helpful Tip: The “Legal” names entered into these fields correspond with the legal names in the MDE file. The student name on the General tab will continue to be used throughout the jmc suite of software except for state reporting submissions.

Step Four: Click either "Save" button to save your changes in your school's database.

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