Step One: In jmc Teacher, go to File > Send Email.

Step Two: Choose the course or courses you would like to email. To select multiple courses, use your operating system’s select multiple items feature (Cmd-click for iOS or Ctrl-click for Windows).

Step Three: Check the appropriate boxes to choose to send your email to Students, their Primary Contacts, or both.

Step Four: Use the "Reset" button to clear all students from the list, check the "Select All" checkbox to select all students from the list OR select specific students using your operating system's select multiple items feature.

Step Five: Choose file attachments to send pictures or other files that are stored on your computer.

Fun Fact: jmc email is a safe and secure way to send emails to families!

Helpful Tip: Messages sent via jmc email will be logged in jmc Office under Message Center > External Communication Detail Log!

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