Before starting the Online Registration process, jmc Office users should have specific user privileges granted on their account to ensure they can make the necessary adjustments to Online Registration settings.

Setting a user's privileges ahead of time saves the frustration of being denied access to the registration settings when needed. To adjust permissions and grant the appropriate access, log in to jmc Office and navigate to File > Application Security.

Step One: Select the admin's user name from the "Users" box to adjust permissions for the user.

Step Two: Set the "Student General Data" privilege to "Make Changes" in the drop-down list to grant the user access to both File > Online Settings and jmc Family > Online Registration > Merge Data > Student Data, Contact Data, and Emergency Contact Data.

Step Three: Set the "jmc Administrator" privilege to "Full Access" in the drop-down list to grant the user access to File > Define Custom Fields.

Step Four: Set the "Attendance" privilege to “Make Changes” or "Read Only" in the drop-down list to grant a user access to jmc Family > Online Registration > Form Signatures.

Step Five: Click the "Save" button to save the changes to the user's access privileges.

Helpful Tip: Adjust user privileges after online registration configuration is finished to revoke any temporarily granted administrator access.

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