The Edit Family Lunch page is a central hub to manage all transactions for everyone in the family lunch account. View all students included in the family account, the current family account balance, and all deposits, refunds, and status change records for the current school year.

Start by going to Lunch > Data > Edit Family Lunch Data to see who is in the family lunch account, view all account transactions, and print a list of transactions.

Step One: Select a family by entering the family's last name in the “Find” field.

A few fun facts

  • All students in the selected family account will be displayed in the "Students with this Lunch contact" list box.

  • The family lunch account's current balance is displayed next to the "Current Balance" label to keep you in the know.

Step Two: Click the "Print Transactions" button to print a list of all transactions listed on the page for later reference.

Step Three: Click the "Print Notice" button to print a balance notice for the family lunch account listed, including the current account balance to remind the family to make a payment.

Helpful tip: If you'd like to delete a transaction click the "Delete" link beside the record in the transaction list. A deleted transaction will still display on this page but will be italicized and will no longer affect the student’s lunch balance or family lunch account balance.

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