This article walks you through the steps of using jmc's integration with MIIC in submitting a client query file. To submit a MIIC Client Query (request for immunization records) start by going to Health > Immunizations > Export MIIC Client Query File in jmc Office.

Step One: Specify the grade level for your Client Query File using the "Grade" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: It is best practice to request immunizations for just one grade level at a time; otherwise the files from MIIC get rather large and the process may time out when you try to import the data files into the Office.

Step Two: Click the "Export" button and allow this file to be saved to your Downloads folder. 

Step Three: Use your MIIC account/log in to submit the MIIC Client Query file by selecting the "Upload File" option from the Data Submission section.

Step Four: Click the "Choose File" or "Browse" button and navigate to the Client Query file you created in your Downloads folder. 

Step Five: Enter your phone number in the "Phone Number" field so MIIC staff can reach you if they have questions about your file.

Step Six: Click the "Upload" button to upload your Client Query file. 

A few fun facts:

  • At this point, you must wait for MIIC staff to submit your Client Query file for you. Someone from MIIC should contact you once your query has been processed. 

  • When the query has successfully uploaded, the page will contain a note to inform you as such and will instruct you to wait until the file has been processed by MIIC. 

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