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Adding Courses for a Student
Adding Courses for a Student

Easily add courses to an individual student's schedule with a click of a button!

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If you need to register an individual student for courses they will take throughout the year, the "Add Courses" feature can be a convenient and efficient option. This feature allows you to select all the courses that will be on the student's schedule before scheduling them into specific sections. Once you have added courses to the student's "Current Courses" list, you can then use the Scheduling Aid or schedule them into course sections as needed.

Head to Schedules > Student > Add Courses to start adding courses for an individual student.

Step One: Enter a student's name or ID in the "Find" field to select the student to register.

Step Two: Click a course name from the "Available Courses" box to add the course to the "Current Courses" list for the student.

Fun Fact: On the Schedule > Course > Courses to Add page, you will find a list of courses that are filtered based on the student's grade level. This means that only the courses appropriate for the student's grade level will be displayed in the list.

Helpful Tip: To remove a course from the "Current Courses" box and the student's schedule, click the course name again in the "Available Courses" box to deselect the course.

Step Three: Click the "Save" button to update your changes or click the "Revert" button to clear any changes made to the student's schedule.

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