Looking for a quick method of registering an individual student for courses they will take throughout the year? No problem! The Add Courses feature is a great way to select all courses that will end up on an individual student's schedule prior to scheduling students into sections. Once courses are added to a student's "Current Courses" list you will be ready to use the Scheduling Aid or schedule students into course sections.

Head to Schedules > Student > Add Courses to start adding courses for an individual student.

Step One: Enter a student's name or ID in the "Find" field to select the student to register.

Step Two: Click a course name from the "Available Courses" box to add the course to the "Current Courses" list for the student.

Fun Fact: Available courses are set by grade level on the Schedule > Course > Courses to Add page, filtering the list on this page to only the courses appropriate for the student's grade level.

Helpful Tip: To remove a course from the "Current Courses" box and the student's schedule, click the course name again in the "Available Courses" box to deselect the course.

Step Three: Click the "Save" button to update your changes or click the "Revert" button to clear any changes made to the student's schedule.

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