One step in the scheduling process is loading your courses with the correct groups of students. Instead of hand building each student's schedule, use the Bulk Load feature to quickly add sets of courses to whole groups of students with just a few clicks.

Learn how to select multiple courses and how to populate them with groups of students for faster scheduling. Go to Schedules > Develop > Bulk Load Courses to get started bulk loading courses with students.

Step One: Select a course or courses from the "Select Course(s)" box to identify the list of courses you are choosing to load with students.

Helpful Tip: To select multiple courses, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) / Command key (Mac) while clicking a course. Deselect a course(s) from the list by holding down the Ctrl key (Windows) / Command key (Mac) while clicking a course.

Step Two: Click the corresponding radio button to select a group of students to bulk load into the course(s):

  • "By Grade": an entire grade level of students

    • Helpful Tip: Use the "By Grade" option if you are a "one section" elementary/middle school that wants to load all students for a grade into one class section.

  • "By Advisor": students assigned to a specific advisor (homeroom teacher)

    • Helpful Tip: Use the "By Advisor" option if you are a multi-section elementary/middle school. For example in a two section school, Smith and Andrews each teach a section of 1st graders. Choose the course "300 1st Reading Smith" and bulk load "Mrs Andrews" from the "Advisor" drop-down list. This works well if Smith teaches both sections of reading and Andrews teaches both sections of writing. "Homeroom" students can be assigned to classes taught by other teachers using the "By Advisor" button.

  • "By Random": specific students

    • Helpful Tip: Use the "By Random" option if you are assigning a mix of students into a course.

Step Three: Click the "Load" button to load the selected group of students into the selected course(s).

Fun Fact: A message will appear saying "XX new records for XX student(s) and XX course(s)" to let you know that your bulk load has been successfully completed.

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