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Schedule students by section
Schedule students by section

jmc Office users can quickly and easily schedule students directly into specific course sections

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jmc Office offers a straightforward process for scheduling students into specific course sections, which can save time and effort for users. Rather than scheduling each student into multiple courses, schedule several students at once into a single course section. By clicking a student's name, administrators or front office professionals can quickly add them to their selected course section, streamlining the scheduling process.

To schedule students by section, log in to jmc Office go to Schedules > Develop > Schedule by Section.

Step One: Select a course to be scheduled from the "Course" drop-down list to begin scheduling students into a course.

Step Two: Select the specific section from the "Section" drop-down list to begin scheduling students into the section.

Step Three: Select "All" students or a specific grade level from the "Grade" drop-down list to narrow the range of available students.

Step Four: Click the name of a student from the "Available Students" list to add the student to the "Current Students" list.

Fun Fact: After a student is added to the "Current Students" list, the student will have "XX" next to their name to visually identify them as being in the course section.

Helpful Tip: Accidentally add the wrong student? No problem! Simply click on a selected student's name from the "Available Students" list to remove them from the "Current Students" list.

Step Five: Click the "Save" button to save the added students to the course section, or click the "Revert to Original" button to discard the scheduling changes made.

Step Six: Click the "OK" button in the pop-up window when prompted to confirm your changes or click the "Cancel" button to discard them.

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