Editing course sections

Create a unique course section for each classroom of students, allowing jmc attendance and grade book access for that classroom.

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After general course data has been entered and saved on the Edit Course Data page, use the "Sections" tab to add important details to your courses. Create class sections including the term, period, days in session, and teacher to define how the course fits within your master schedule. Entering information on this tab will allow you to accurately build a master schedule, schedule students into appropriate course sections, and get on with the learning!

Go to Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data to get started adding course section information.

Step One: Enter a course name or number in the "Find" field to work with an existing course.

Step Two: Click the "Sections" tab to begin editing section data.

Step Three: Click the "Add Section" link to add a new section or click the "Edit" link to edit an existing section.

Fun Fact: A "Section" represents a classroom of students. Adding a section allows you to assign a term, period, teacher, room number and meeting days for a course.

Step Four: Select the specific term for the course section from the "Term" drop-down list to indicate the term in which the section will meet.

Step Five: Select a period from the "Period" drop-down list to define when the section will meet within the master schedule.

Step Six: Place a checkmark in the corresponding "Days" checkboxes to indicate each day(s) the course section meets.

Helpful Tip: If you are scheduling elementary classes, uncheck the days to avoid scheduling conflicts that prevent students from being scheduled into sections.

Step Seven: Select the teacher of the course section from the "Teacher" drop-down list to enable the class in jmc Teacher.

Step Eight: Select a room from the "Room" drop-down list to indicate the classroom where the section plans to meet.

Step Nine (optional): Select the bell schedule from the "Bell Schedule" drop-down list to indicate which bell schedule the course will be using.

Fun Fact: The number of students enrolled and scheduled will appear at the end of the entry once the scheduling process has been completed.

  • First set: the number of students enrolled in the specific course section

  • Second set: the total number of students scheduled in the currently displayed course

Helpful Tip: Hover over the number to see a list of enrolled students or click the number to see a printable class list for the section.

Step Ten: Click the "Update" link to save your changes or the "Cancel" link to discard changes.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Delete" link to remove a section from the selected course if you accidentally created an extra section or no longer need an old section.

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