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Run a "Course Tally" report
Run a "Course Tally" report

With jmc's course tally report easily show the number of students in each grade who have registered for each course.

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jmc's "Course Tally" report is an excellent tool for identifying potential scheduling issues before assigning students to sections. Easily view courses for all terms, the total number of registered students, and the average number of students per section, helping you avoid overloading a particular section. Additionally, you can see a breakdown of student distribution by gender and grade level, allowing you to ensure an optimal balance of students in each section.

In jmc Office, go to Schedules > Course > Course Tally to create your "Course Tally" report.

Step One: Select the "By Number" or "By Name" radio button from the "Sort Courses" box to arrange the courses listed in the report.

Step Two (optional): Place a checkmark the "Split Male/Female" checkbox to view a gender breakdown of students registered for the listed course.

Step Three: Click the "Preview" button to preview the report.

Fun Fact: The report displays the course name and number, total students registered for the course, number of students registered in each grade level, number of sections, average enrollment per section, and the terms that the course is offered--all on one screen!

Step Four: Click "Print" to print the report or "Export" to export the report data to a CSV file.

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