The jmc Teacher Preferences page pulls together customizable settings for you to be in command of how your grade book functions. Tweaking these settings, such as assignment sort ordering and calculation rounding, matches jmc Teacher to how you want it to work, making a great tool even better!

Log in to jmc Teacher and head to File > Preferences to create a custom look and feel just for you!

Current term

Update the term as the year progresses to work in your current set of courses or work ahead in future courses.

Assignment Scores Page options - Sort assignments by

Select how to order the assignments on the Edit Assignment Scores page, either by date or category.

Assignment Scores Page options - Show

Select "All Students" or "One Student" to show your full class or just a single student at a time on the Edit Assignment Scores page.

Assignment Scores Page options - Score Colors
For the special scores listed, specify the score color to make them stand out on the Assignment Scores page.

Assignment Scores Page options - Warn if score greater than max score checkbox
Clicking this checkbox will toggle on/off warnings when entering an assignment score exceeding the assignment's maximum score.

Email Signature

Enter an email signature to be attached to the bottom of emails and add pizzazz using the built-in format controls. Place a checkmark in the checkbox to include the signature in the emails.

Competency-Based Grading - Sort assessments by

Select how to order the formative assessments on the Score Formative Assessment page. Options include by date (oldest to newest or newest to oldest), or by name.

Competency-Based Grading - Result Display options

Select how formative assessment results will display on progress reports and the Formative Assessment Report. The choices are to display value and color, name and color, or color only.

Round Percentages to Determine Grade checkbox

If there is a checkmark placed in the checkbox, rounding rules will be applied to the percentages of a student's grade within your class. For example, with this box checked, 89.9% would be rounded to 90% to determine the marking period grade. On the other hand, if the box were unchecked, 89.9% would be considered 89% when determining the marking period grade.

Always Use Letter Grades to Calculate Course Grades checkbox

Placing a checkmark in the checkbox will cause jmc to ignore the percentages when determining the overall Course Grade and instead will use the letter grade values from jmc Office.

Include exams in course menus checkbox

Placing a checkmark in the checkbox will add semester exam options in the Categories and Assignments for each course section.

Show Student Photos checkbox

Placing a checkmark in the checkbox will display student photos beside student names on the Seating Charts and Enter Attendance pages.

Allow multiple dates per term in assessment sets checkbox

Placing a checkmark in the checkbox allows the teacher to enter more than one set of assessments per term.

Show submitted attendance status checkbox

Placing a checkmark in the checkbox box will display feedback on the Enter Attendance page if you have previously submitted attendance for a course section.

Changing Password

Clicking the "Edit" link allow you to change your login password for jmc Teacher.

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