The Point of Sale is your lunchroom professional's software for identifying students in the lunch line, charging the correct meal items, and recording the purchases to jmc Office for reporting and accounting needs.

We know you need to quickly move students through the lunch line so the Point of Sale was designed with speed in mind. From the single-page all-in-one interface to keyboard shortcuts for simple meal charging, it is all here within a few taps!

To get started charging breakfasts and lunches to students and staff log in to jmc Point of Sale, where you'll be presented with two large buttons: "Begin Breakfast" and "Begin Lunch". Let's look at how to locate a student or adult to charge and how to select their purchased meal items to record them in jmc Office.

Step One: Click the "Begin Breakfast" or "Begin Lunch" button depending on the time of day to start processing students and adults through the lunch line.

Step Two: Enter the student or adult's lunch ID in the "Find" field to select the correct account to charge.

A few helpful tips

  • Attach a keypad to the point of sale computer to have students and adults enter their own IDs in the lunchline.

  • Look up accounts by name if the ID is unknown or forgotten.

  • Choose the "Cash Student" or "Cash Adult" account in the "Find" box to record purchases for visiting students and adults.

Step Three: Press the appropriate item buttons on the keypad to charge meals, a la cartes, and extra milks.

  • Breakfast or Lunch button: The label will be "Breakfast" or "Lunch" depending upon the time of day

  • Extra Milk button: Use this button for a second or additional milk purchase

  • A la carte button: After typing the a la carte button enter the a la carte ID number to select the item

A few helpful tips

  • If preferred, click the corresponding buttons on the page with your mouse instead of typing on the keyboard or keypad for any step.

  • Press the "Delete/Clear" key to clear the purchases window of all pending purchases or click an individual meal item if a selection was incorrectly added.

Step Four: Press the "Enter" key to charge the selected meal items to the student or adult account and prepare the page for the next person in the lunch line.

Helpful Tip: If cash is paid by a student or adult, press the "+" key and enter the amount received to record the payment.

Step Five: Repeat steps two through four until the serving period has concluded.

Helpful Tip: Place a checkmark in the "Auto Mode" checkbox to charge a student for a breakfast or lunch by simply selecting the student and then pressing the "Enter" key. This option can streamline the checkout process for breakfast or lunch purchases by removing step three above..

Step Six: Click the dock (the three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other) and select the "Home" menu to return to the jmc Point of Sale homepage when the serving period has concluded.

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