At the end of the term, it is time to assess each student on all of their benchmarks. Entering benchmark results for a student is made easy by listing all benchmarks on one page, allowing quick entry of results before moving on to the next student in class. In no time at all you will have all students assessed so your school will be ready to print report cards.

In jmc Teacher go to Edit > Edit Assessments for a Student to begin entering benchmark results for your students, one student at a time.

Fun Fact: If you instead prefer to enter all student results for one benchmark at a time before moving on to the second assessment, go to the similar page Edit > Edit Assessments for a Course or Grade.

Step One: Select the course or grade level using the "Courses/Grade" drop-down list to access standards and benchmarks that have been assigned to a course or grade.

Step Two: Select the subject area using the "Subject Area" drop-down list to access a specific subject area's standards and benchmarks.

Step Three: Select the standard using the "Standard" drop-down list to view all of the benchmarks associated with the selected course/grade, subject area, and standard.

Step Four: Select a student using the "Student" drop-down list to edit benchmark assessments for an individual student.

Step Five: Select the set of assessment results to edit using the "Assessment Set" drop-down list or click the "Add Assessment Set" or "Delete Assessment Set" button to add or delete an assessment set.

  • "Assessment Set" drop-down list: view or edit an existing set of student assessments

  • "Add Assessment Set" button: add a new set to begin assessing students

  • "Delete Assessment Set" button: delete the currently displayed assessment set

Helpful Tip: Assessment sets are created at the end of the term and usually correspond with the final day of the grading period.

Step Six: Select the assessment result to assign to the student using the drop-down list next to each benchmark under the "Result ID" column.

Step Seven: Enter a comment in the "Comment" field to associate a comment with the benchmark result.

Step Eight: Click the "Save" button to save your benchmark assessment results.

Step Nine: Click the "Print" button to print a list of your benchmark assessment results for the student.

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