As the term comes to an end, it's time for teachers to prepare report cards in jmc Teacher. Fill out each student's report card with assessment results and comments, one student at a time. When finished, submit your report cards to the Office and then sit back and relax while they are delivered to students and families!

To get started editing the report card log in to jmc Teacher and head to Edit > Edit Assessments Report Card for a Student.

Step One: Select the student whose report card you want to edit using the "Student" drop-down list.

Step Two: Select the report card form you want to edit using the "Form" drop-down list.

Step Three: Select the course section or grade level you'd like to assess using the "Course/Grade" drop-down list.

Step Four: Select the subject area you would like to assess using the "Subject Area" drop-down list.

Step Five: Select the set of assessment results to edit using the "Assessment Set" drop-down list or click the "Add Assessment Set" or "Delete Assessment Set" button to add or delete an assessment set.

  • "Assessment Set" drop-down list: view or edit an existing set of student assessments

  • "Add Assessment Set" button: add a new set to begin assessing students

  • "Delete Assessment Set" button: delete the currently displayed assessment set

Step Six: Enter the assessment for the student on the report card by clicking any box with a colored triangle and selecting the assessment score from the drop-down list.

  • Red triangle: available for entering a benchmark result

  • Blue triangle: a calculated benchmark result

Step Seven: Enter any comments you’d like to communicate to the family for the selected student in the "Comments" field.

Fun Fact: The screen auto-saves, so no need to worry about saving your changes.

Step Eight: Repeat the above steps for all students in the class.

Step Nine: Click the "Send All Grade to Office" Quick Link to submit your grades to the Office.

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