Need to create your seating chart for the beginning of the school or are you rearranging desks during the year? Create, edit, and keep your seating chart organized in jmc Teacher. Print a seating chart complete with student photos and hang it on the wall to set expectations on day one or give to a substitute teacher so they have an easy way to identify students!

To get started making the seating chart, log in to jmc Teacher and head to Edit > Seating Charts.

Step One: Select the desired course from the "Course" drop-down list.

Step Two: Click and drag the desired students from the list on the left to the box on the right to arrange your seating chart.

A few helpful tips

  • If you'd like to remove a student from a seating chart, drag the student off the chart and back into the student list or click the red "X".

  • If you'd like to randomly shuffle students who are already placed in a seating chart, click "Random".

  • If you'd like to clear the selected seating chart, click the "Clear" button.

Step Three: Click the "Print" button to print a hard copy of your seating chart.

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