From editing score notes to scoring assignments and quizzes to publishing student progress for jmc Family, the Assignment Scores page in jmc Teacher is a teacher's central hub for scoring coursework. This page is a foundational item in your grade book as it is key to entering student scores and tracking progress.

To view features like viewing one student or all students and staying up to date with student progress, log in to jmc Teacher and head to Scores > Assignment Scores.

Student Info Icons

View various information about a student by clicking the icons to the left of a student's name. Everything from birth date to contact information to allergies or medical emergency plans are available to you a click away.

Viewing Student Progress Reports

Each student's name is an active link. Click the link to view a student's complete current progress report to keep an eye on their success and progress in the class.

Showing/Hiding inactive students

As students move out of your class and become inactive, hide or show them as needed to access their old coursework but keep them out of your daily class list.

Showing one/all Students

It may be preferable at times to show only one student row on the Edit Scores page, for example when you are reviewing a student's work with them sitting by your side. To show one student only, click the "Show One Student" quick link and select the student to view using the "Student" drop-down list. To again display all students click the "Show All Students" quick link.

Showing one/all Assignments

Focus on one assignment at a time while grading by clicking the "Show One Assignment" quick link and select the assignment to view using the "Assignment" drop-down list. To return to displaying all assignments click the "Show All Assignments" quick link.

Student Assignments

View the title of the assignments, the due date, how many points the assignment is worth, and the score the student received. The assignments are color-coded according to the category to which they belong.

Editing Student Assignment Scores

Enter and change the score for the student to keep scores accurate and up to date. Missing or special grades listed can be entered and a specific color is assigned to the score to keep scores organized.

Here are the letters accepted in jmc for assignment scores:

  • Exempt: an "X" exempts a student from the assignment.

  • Pending: a "P" for the score means the assignment is pending and should not count against the student's grade calculation. 

  • Late Included: an "LI" score includes the late assignment as a zero in the student's class percentage.

  • Late Exempt: an "LX" score will not count the late assignment against the student's percentage.

  • Missing Included: an "MI" score includes the missing assignment as a zero in the student's class percentage.

  • Missing Exempt: an “MX” score will not count the missing assignment against the student's percentage.

  • Handed In Exempt: an “HI” score will not count the assignment in the student's percentage but notes that the student did hand in the assignment.

Publishing current progress

Publish current scores, percentages, and grade information with a click of the "Publish" button. Families have immediate access to published information in the jmc Family app and the jmc Family portal.

Viewing Scores from CBG

Scores appearing in the assignments scores page but entered in jmc's Competency-Based Grading system will have a small gray icon next to them. Click the icon adjacent to a score to see a progress report on that formative assessment.

Fill Score Column

Copy the first score in the column to all students with the option to replace all scores or just the empty score fields.

Edit Score Note

A note can be placed on a specific student's score or all student's scores to record teacher comments. An assignment score that has a note attached to it will display with an asterisk (*) to the right of the score. The score note will also print on the Student Summaries and Progress Reports.

Edit Class Comment

A comment can be entered to be displayed with every student's published progress information showing up in jmc Office, jmc Teacher, and jmc Family to inform families important classroom news.

Print Student

Print a report that shows all of the scores for the student along with the student's current grade and percentage.

Locked Grades

To override a calculated grade, manually select the desired grade from the drop-down list. The checkbox to the right of that grade will be checked indicating the grade is locked and is not the result of a calculation.

Import Student Scores from Prior Section

When a student is moved from one section of a course to another, the student's assignment scores will appear at the bottom of the list for their prior section and will be grayed out. The student's scores can be imported over to their new class.

Student Sort

Change the sort order of the students in a class list. Teachers can "Sort Active Students Alphabetically, then Inactive Students", or "Sort All Students Alphabetically", or use the up and down arrows under the "Sort" column to move students up or down in the class list.

Midterm or In-Progress Grades
Midterm or "in-progress" grades can be calculated and transferred to the office. These "in-progress" grades are used for midterm report cards or eligibility checking.

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