As students receive scores on assignments, jmc Teacher calculates their current grade percentage. The student's current percentage is translated into a letter grade based upon grade cutoffs set by you. jmc Teacher allows educators to set up their grade cutoffs for each class and marking period. Your school administrators may set the default cutoffs for the whole building or let each teacher manually add their own grade cutoffs.

Log in to jmc Teacher, and head to Scores > Grade Cutoffs to get started.

Step One: Select the course for which to enter grade cutoffs from the "Courses" list.

Helpful Tip: If your administration has dictated grade cutoffs for the entire school, click the "Add Default Cutoffs" link to add that set of cutoffs to your class and skip the remaining steps!

Step Two: Click the "Add Grade Cutoff" link to enter a new cutoff row.

Step Three: Select the "Grade" a student can earn from the drop-down list and enter the minimum percentage needed to earn the grade in the "Cutoff" field.

Helpful Tip: For example, if your lowest "A" is 90%, select "A" from the "Grade" drop-down list and enter "90" in the "Cutoff" field.

Step Four: Click the "Save" link to record the new cutoff or the "Cancel" link to discard your changes.

Step Five: Continue adding grade cutoffs until all letter grades and percentages have been entered for the class.

Fun Fact: The last grade's cutoff should be zero and is typically a failing grade.

Helpful Tip: If you are using competency-based grading (CBG) with this class, the grade cutoffs should correspond to the values you have entered in the CBG results box on the Define Formative Assessments page. For example, if you have 4 values in the CBG results box, converting to 12 grades (A,A-,B+,B,B-,C+,C,C-,D+,D,D-,F) within those 4 values, the grade cutoffs should equal those ratios with F having a grade cutoff of 0.00. An "A" would have a grade cutoff of 3.75 (or whatever value your district decides should equal an "A") and everything else would fall in between.

  • Place a checkmark in the "Use Point Value Grade Scale" checkbox to calculate using formative assessment point values instead of percentages.

  • Enter the highest CBG value in the "Grade Scale Max" field to enter the maximum score allowed in CBG formative assessments.

  • Click the "OK" button to save your CBG changes.

Step Six: Click the "Copy..." button to duplicate the current grade cutoffs to your other classes.

Step Seven: Select the classes to which to copy the current grade cutoffs using the pop-up list of classes.

A few helpful tips

  • If you'd like to copy the grade cutoffs to all of your other classes, place a checkmark in the "Select All" checkbox.

  • If you'd like to select multiple classes, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows)/ Command key (Mac) while clicking a class. To deselect a class, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows)/Command key (Mac) while clicking a class.

Step Eight: Click the "OK" button to copy the grade cutoffs to the selected classes or click the "Close" button if you'd like to cancel.

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