jmc Teacher's classroom attendance entry page encourages quick attendance entry by listing the entire class with the option to display student photos. Entering and submitting the class attendance provides the office with accurate attendance totals and also allows for any unknown absence to be quickly reported to a parent to uncover the reason for the absence.

To enter classroom attendance to be sent to the office, log in to jmc Teacher and navigate to Classroom Attendance > Enter Attendance.

Step One: Select the day for which to enter attendance using the "Day" drop-down list.

Step Two: Select a class from the "Courses" drop-down list to enter attendance for that course and class period.

Helpful Tip: If the course you are entering attendance for is not listed, select the current school term from the "Term" drop-down list to make the course available for attendance entry.

Step Three (optional): Select a tag using the "Tag" drop-down list to filter your class list by a defined tag set up in jmc Office.

Helpful Tip: The "Tag" drop-down list will only be visible if your school utilized the student tag feature.

Step Four: Choose the appropriate attendance radio button from the "Attendance" column to mark a student's absence or tardy.

  • Pres: student is present

  • Abs E: student is absent excused

  • Abs U: student is absent unexcused

  • Tdy E: student is tardy excused

  • Tdy U: student is tardy unexcused

Helpful Tip: If a family has notified the office of an absence or tardy for their student, the corresponding "Attendance" radio button and "Reason" will be set.

Step Five (optional): Select the appropriate reason from the "Reason" drop-down list if you know the reason the student is absent to keep the office in the know.

Helpful Tip: If the "Reason" drop-down list is non-editable, the office has disabled the ability to change the reason.

Step Six: Click the "Attendance is correct" button to record your attendance entries and submit them to the office for processing.

Fun Fact: For a visual verification, show or hide all student photos under File > Preferences.

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