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Add or edit a teacher or advisor
Add or edit a teacher or advisor

Make updates to changes in staff by easily entering or editing teacher information in jmc Office.

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In jmc Office, easily grant teachers access to jmc Teacher and make sure their data is accurately reflected on all scheduling and grading reports. Swiftly add new teachers to jmc or edit details for existing teachers, including usernames, passwords, and email addresses to make sure your list is up to date with any staffing changes!

To get started adding teachers or editing their details in jmc Office, head to Attendance > Staff > Teachers. 

Step One: Select the teacher to be edited by entering the name of the teacher in the "Find" field or select the teacher from the drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: Have a new teacher in your district, or one to remove? Click the "Add Teacher" button to add the new team member or the "Remove Teacher" to remove them permanently in your jmc database.

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the "Building Access" checkbox to grant the teacher access to the current jmc building.

Step Three: Enter a "Display Name" in the appropriate field to be displayed for that teacher in schedules, progress reports, and report cards.

Step Four: Enter the "Last Name" and "First Name" in the corresponding fields to enter a teacher into your jmc database.

Step Five: Enter the "Username" in the appropriate field to allow access to jmc Teacher.

Step Six: Enter the "Password" in the appropriate field to create a login password for the teacher in jmc Teacher.

Step Seven: Enter the teacher's email address in the "Email" field for use in sending reports in jmc.

Step Eight (optional): Enter the "Sort Priority" number in the appropriate field to have the teacher sorted numerically by the specified number in lists throughout jmc.

Fun Fact: Review and edit information in additional state-specific fields as appropriate, such as state-issued teacher ID numbers and staff classification identifiers.

Step Nine: Click the "Change Photo" button to upload a photo of the teacher from a file on your computer to easily identify the teacher.

Step Ten: Enter any notes, comments, or information you'd like to track about the teacher in the "Notes" box.

Step Eleven: Click the "Update" button to save your edits to the current teacher's record.

Step Twelve: Click the "Print" button to print or save a pdf version of the current teacher's information or click the "Export" button to export a CSV text file of all teachers.

Fun Fact: Need to reassign all classes taught by the current teacher to a different one? Click the "Transfer Sections" button to initiate the transfer.

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