Registration time usually means students and families need to sign off and acknowledge various school forms. jmc Office has the solution! Forms can be uploaded for families to easily access and sign online to get their family registered. As each form is uploaded, a description, a deadline, and a required e-signature status can be entered to keep the family in the know and get your form signed and returned on time.

In jmc Office, head to jmc Family > Online Registration > Setup > Upload Forms to get starting uploading and marking forms for signing!

Step One: Click the "Add New" button to begin adding a new signable form.

Step Two: Click the “Choose File" button to browse for and begin uploading the form from your computer to jmc Office.

Step Three: Click the "Upload" button to upload the signable form to jmc Office.

Step Four: Click the "Edit" button to edit the signing information for the form you just uploaded.

Step Five: Enter a description of the form in the "Form Instructions" field to provide a more detailed description of the form to the family.

Helpful Tip: Add a little pizzazz to your message using the formatting tools.

Fun Fact: The description will be viewable by families when viewing your form during the registration process.

Step Six: Select a radio button to identify which students and contacts the form will be available to. Then fill out the appropriate fields highlighted below.

  • By Random: select one or more students by entering their name or student ID in the "Available Students" drop-down list

  • By Grade: enter a grade level range in the "From" and "To" drop-down lists

  • By Advisor: select one or more advisors by entering their name in the "Available Advisors" drop-down list

  • By Activity: select one or more activities by entering their name in the "Available Activities" drop-down list

  • By Course: select one or more courses by entering the course name in the "Available Courses" drop-down list

Step Seven: Check the "Contact Signature Required" checkbox if an e-signature from the contact is required on your form.

Helpful Tip: The electronic signatures are stored for querying and future reference in case of auditing needs.

Step Eight: Place a checkmark in the "Contact Single Signature" checkbox if you'd like to allow the contact to sign once for all students in the family.

Step Nine: Place a checkmark in the "Student Signature Required" checkbox if an e-signature from the student is required on your form.

Step Ten: Enter a date in the "Signature Deadline" field if the form needs to be signed by a certain date.

Step Eleven: Click the "Update" button to save your changes or click the "Cancel" button to discard your changes.

Helpful Tip: If you'd like to delete a contact form select the form from the form list and click the "Delete" button.

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