Tracking and reporting LIEP data in jmc Office begins with successfully importing data from the previous school year. Once all student language instruction education records have been updated in the current year, you are ready to update any status changes and report your students to the state.

Importing LIEP data sets the stage for successful language learner reporting in jmc. To begin importing LIEP data, head to Iowa > Import LIEP from Prior Year in jmc Office.

Step One: Click the "Import" button to update LIEP data in the current school year with data from the prior year.

Fun Fact: Clicking the "Import" button will open a preview window where you can see the data that is about to be imported. If data has already been imported you will receive a message stating "No records required updating."

Step Two: Click the “Continue Import" button on the preview window to proceed with the import or click the “Cancel Import” button to return to the previous page.

Helpful Tip: Enter new LIEP records or status changes for the current year after you have completed the import to avoid losing data entered in the current year.

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