Families can enjoy the convenience and timeliness of making online payments directly to your school with the help of our payment partner and jmc Online Payments! Offer your families the opportunity to add funds from a credit card or bank account to their family meal accounts or pay fees through the jmc Family portal or directly from the jmc Family app.

Save Food Service professionals from having to handle checks or cash in the busy lunch line. Save Office professionals from the hassle of manually logging transactions and filling out deposit slips. Save families the need to run a check to school in an already busy morning. All with jmc Online Payments!

jmc Partners with PaymentSpring to offer you more!

Set up Online Payments with our ultra-secure and easy-to-use payment processing partner! Visit their site and answer a few simple questions to get started!

Provide convenience to your families at little to no cost to your district

Cover the cost of transaction fees by adding a small percentage or flat dollar amount fee onto the transactions made by families through the online payment feature. Families would be happy to pay a minimal convenience fee for the ability to make deposits and pay fees from their computer or cellular device and have the money immediately credited to their jmc account.

Tuition and Fees

The Tuition and Fees module in jmc Office lets you control which items families are allowed to purchase online, such as tuition, textbooks, yearbooks, technology and other expenses that go through the office. Also, allow families to make deposits into their family meal accounts. Set up two district bank accounts to receive online payments.

jmc Family app

The jmc Online Payment module works hand and glove with our jmc Family portal. Pass along our helpful articles and resources to the families in your district so they can join in on the convenience jmc has to offer! Families will love the jmc Family portal for their desktop computers and they will especially love the portability of our mobile Family app available on iOS and Android devices!

Contact jmc Tech Support today to get started with jmc Online Payments!

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