Every student that is to be reported for ADVISER must have at least one enrollment history record. Every enrollment history record must have appropriate Entry and Exit codes and dates. Additional data may be tracked for each span of enrollment, such as residency status, district of residence, school of residence, FTE, attendance (whether calculated, attendance override values), and expected high school of graduation.

Generating and editing these enrollment history records may be done in a variety of ways:

Enter a new student with the New Student Wizard

Nebraska: Add student to enrollment after school has started

Nebraska: Re-enter student

Nebraska: Drop student from enrollment

Nebraska: Import enrollment history from prior year :EP

Need to view edit and/or print enrollment history records for a student? Check out the article entitled, "Overview of the enrollment tab on the student data page".

Each enrollment history record documents a span of a student’s enrollment within the school district. For a complete and accurate description of all enrollment history fields and codes, please refer to the data dictionary for NDE or contact the appropriate staff member of the Nebraska Department of Education.

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