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Nebraska: ADVISER update student
Nebraska: ADVISER update student

Keeping your students' information up to date is vital, and the "Update Student" tool helps you make the changes you need to!

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The update student process is a series of processes for updating one student’s complete set of resources, including Student, Student School Association, Student Program Associations, Student Special Education Program Associations, Student Section Associations, Student Academic Records, and others.

To update a student's records, head to Nebraska > ADVISER > Update Student.

Step One: Select the student to update from the student drop-down list by entering all or part of the student’s name and selecting the appropriate student from the list.

Step Two: Click the "ADVISER Update Student" button to submit the request for updated information for that student to the Nebraska Department of Education.

Helpful Tip: A summary will appear upon completion of the series of data submissions and will include any errors related to that student’s data.

If you have errors, save the page as a PDF and contact jmc support.

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