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Nebraska: ADVISER update course
Nebraska: ADVISER update course

Keeping your course information up to date is crucial, especially when submitting it for state reporting!

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The Update Course tool, found in jmc Office under Nebraska > ADVISER, is particularly useful when edits have been made to a particular course and you'd like to submit changes immediately to NDE. Ed-Fi resources updated during this process include:

  • Course Offerings

  • Sections

  • Student Section Associations

  • Staff Section Associations

  • Grades

Step One: Select the building from the "Building" drop-down list for which you'd like to update the course and dependent resources.

Step Two: Specify the course you wish to submit by entering the course name or number in the "Find" field and then clicking the "ADVISER Update Course" button.

Step Three: Upon completion, you'll see a summary of the data submitted. Save this report as a PDF file for later referral, especially if you have errors that require attention.

Helpful Tip: If the button does not appear or is not enabled on the page, it is most likely because your database is not yet configured for Ed-Fi exchanges. Contact jmc support to get it set up.

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