The process to import WISEids through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is started by exporting a Person Upload File from jmc. This file contains student names and birth dates which can then be uploaded to the DPI’s website to acquire state IDs. Then, receive a file back from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction filled with your student WISEids ready to be imported on the Import WISEid Person Upload File page!

In jmc Office, head to Wisconsin > WISEid > Export WISEid Person Upload File to create the Person Upload File that is uploaded to the DPI website.

Step One: Select "All Students", "Only Students with No WISEid" or a specific grade from the "Grade level" drop-down list to generate a Person Upload File of the selected students.

Step Two: Click the "Check Errors" button to have jmc automatically check for errors such as "No birth date" that might prevent acquiring ID's from the state.

Helpful Tip: Head to the View Student Data page, fix any errors listed on the error report and repeat step two until you are error free to ensure a successful file exchange.

Step Three: Click the "Start Export" button to create a Person Upload File for uploading to DPI's website.

Step Four: Head to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website to upload your Person Upload File and acquire student WISEids from DPI.

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