After uploading the WISEid Person Upload File to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, simply download your students' WISEids using the "Student Download by Local Person ID (LID)" option. Easily import them into your jmc database, eliminating the need to manually enter them for each student on the View Student Data page. What a huge timesaver!

In jmc Office, head to Wisconsin > WISEid > Import WISEid Person Upload File to begin your WISEid import.

Step One: Click the “Choose File" button to browse and select the file you received from DPI to begin uploading the file from your computer to jmc Office.

Step Two: Click the “Start Import” button to begin importing student WISEids into your jmc database.

Helpful Tip: This can be done multiple times throughout the school year as new students enroll in your school and need their WISEids imported.

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