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Update students by grade level
Update students by grade level

Bring student information up-to-date by grade level to efficiently submit data to the Wisconsin DPI.

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The "Update Students by Grade Level" feature is a helpful tool for submitting student data for an entire grade level directly to the Wisconsin DPI. As state reporting deadlines approach, quickly send the most up-to-date student information with just a few clicks. Choose the grade level, submit your student data, and review any errors all from one convenient page in jmc Office.

Go to Wisconsin > WISEdata > Update Students by Grade Level to begin submitting student data by grade level to Wisconsin DPI.

Step One: Select a grade level from the "Grade(s)" drop-down list to narrow the range of student data to be sent to the DPI.

A few helpful tips:

  • If your school's enrollment is over 100 students, submit student records for individual grade levels to avoid internet connection timeout errors.

  • Place a checkmark in the "Delete Existing Data" checkbox to remove existing student data for the grade level.

Step Two: Click the "WISEdata Update Students by Grade Level" button to send student data to the Wisconsin DPI for the selected grade level.

Helpful Tip: Address any errors listed in the "Prior Grade Updates" section and resubmit grade level data to ensure error free state reporting.

Step Three: Repeat steps one and two if necessary to update information for students in all grades.

Helpful Tip: If unexplained errors persist, place a checkmark in the "Delete Existing Data" checkbox to clear the previous report. Then, click the "WISEdata Update Students by Grade Level" button to begin re-submitting student.


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