The WISEdata Update Student tool, found at Wisconsin > WISEdata, is particularly useful when edits have been made to a particular student and you wish to submit those changes immediately to Wisconsin DPI. Ed-Fi resources updated for this student during this process include:

  • Student

  • Student School Association

  • Student Education Organization Association

  • Student Section Association

  • Grades

  • Student Program Association (all types)

  • Student Academic Record

  • Discipline Incident

  • Student Discipline Incident Association

  • Discipline Action

Step One: Select the student to update from the drop-down list by entering all or part of the student’s name and then selecting the appropriate student from the list.

Step Two: Click the "WISEdata Update Student" button to submit the requests for updated information for that student to the Wisconsin Department of Education.

A few helpful tips:

  • Upon completion of this process, you'll see a summary of the data submitted. Save this report as a PDF file for later referral, especially if you have errors that require attention.

  • If the button does not appear on the page, it is most likely because your database is not yet configured for Ed-Fi exchanges. 

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