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Wisconsin: Get a list of state course codes
Wisconsin: Get a list of state course codes

The state course codes report will generate a list of courses with their Ed-Fi state course codes and related attributes.

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Wisconsin schools can generate a list of their courses with associated course codes using the State Course Codes report. Schools can use this report to quickly analyze their course offerings and alignment with state EdFi codes, rigor, state descriptions, and more.

The report appears automatically when you go to Wisconsin > State Course Codes > State Course Codes in jmc Office.

Step One: Change the sort order of the report by clicking the options in the "Sort Order" drop-down list. You can sort the report by any of the following:

  • Course Number

  • Course Name

  • EdFi Code

  • Sced 6.0 Code

  • Sced 7.0 Code

Step Two: Click the "Include State Description" checkbox to show or hide that column of data in the report.

Step Three: Click the "Print" button to get a hard copy of the report.

Step Four: Click the "Export" button to export the list to a downloadable file.

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