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Import Wisconsin special education history from prior year
Import Wisconsin special education history from prior year

jmc has a built-in function that imports special education data from the prior school year for our Wisconsin partner schools.

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Special education history records contain details about a student receiving special education services that need to be updated yearly for state reporting purposes. The "Import Special Education History from Prior Year" page in jmc Office gives users a quick and efficient way of copying completed special education records from one school year to the next to prepare for upcoming state reporting milestones.

Once special education records are completed in the prior year in jmc Office, switch to the current year and head to Wisconsin > Special Education History > Import Special Education History from Prior Year to update records for the current year.

Step One: Enter the first day of school in the "Begin Date" field or simply click the calendar icon to set the beginning date for all special education history records.

Helpful Tip: Complete all special education records in the prior year before importing to the current year to ensure this one time import contains completed records.

Step Two: Click the "Import" button to import ongoing special education records from the prior year for all students that have not yet been updated in the current year.

Fun Fact: Students exited from special education in the prior year will not have a record created in the current year as they are considered finished with the program.

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