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Wisconsin: Mass exit students
Wisconsin: Mass exit students

Establish the exit date and code for all students in a grade level in just a few clicks using jmc's mass exit students tool.

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One of the steps of wrapping up the school year is to set exit codes for your students so DPI knows which students are graduating and which students you expect to see returning in the fall. jmc allows you to set these exit codes for an entire grade level at a time saving you the time of manually exiting each student individually.

Log in to jmc Office and go to Wisconsin > Year End > Mass Exit Students to bulk exit your students grade by grade.

Step One: Confirm the date displayed in the "Date" field is the correct end of year date because it will be used as the exit date for students.

Helpful Tip: If the end of year date is incorrect, adjust it at Edit > Edit School Data before proceeding to avoid using the wrong date as each student's exit date.

Step Two: Select the grade level to mass exit from the "Grade" drop-down list.

Step Three: Click the "Drop" button to perform the mass exit and assign exit codes to every student in the selected grade level.

Helpful Tip: Students will be assigned an exit code by the following criteria:

  • Students with a graduation date and credentials set will get a code of "HSC".

  • Students below the compulsory age of 6 on the last day of school will get a code of "BCA".

  • The remaining students will be assigned an exit code of "TC".

Step Four: Repeat steps two and three for each grade level of students to mass exit.

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