The Wisconsin DPI uses the WISEdata portal to collect information from your school and Ed-Fi is the mechanism that makes the sharing of that data possible. On the Administrator Options page in jmc Office, simply update a few of the Ed-Fi settings to enable WISEdata access to your jmc database and submit your data to the DPI.

In jmc Office, head to the File > Administrator Options page and click the "Ed-Fi Settings" link in the "Ed-Fi Settings" box to configure Ed-Fi settings for WISEdata submissions.

Step One: Place a checkmark in the "Enable Ed-Fi Interchanges" checkbox to turn on the Ed-Fi integration.

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the "Enable Creating & Posting of Ed-Fi Special Education (SSEPA & SSEPEA) Resources" checkbox to allow WISEdata to access special education student information such as programs, entry dates, and exit dates.

Fun Fact: jmc Tech Support has entered the "API URL", "Authentication URL", "Identity URL", and "Immunizations URL" when setting up your database so please skip over these fields.

Step Three: Enter the Key and Secret obtained from DPI in the "Client Key" and "Client Secret" fields to securely establish your Ed-Fi connection.

Step Four: Select your school's reporting designation from the "Profile" drop-down list to specify the set of data that will be shared with the DPI.

  • Public: a state funded public school

  • Private Choice: a private school involved with the private school choice program

Step Five Select a range of students from the "Grades Resource/Endpoint Cutoff" drop-down list to set the students that are included in your WISEdata reporting.

Step Six: Select your preferred report detail level from the "Report Detail Level" drop-down list to set the amount of information provided in all Ed-Fi reports.

  • Detail: the most amount of feedback included on each report

  • Summary: a high-level overview of the most important report results

Step Seven: Select your preferred order from the "Report Sort Order" drop-down list to customize the sorting options for Ed-Fi reports.

Step Eight (optional): Place a checkmark in the "Enable Ed-Fi Daily Sync Job" checkbox to allow WISEdata updates to occur on a nightly basis.

Helpful Tip: If you enable a daily Ed-Fi data sync, click the alarm clock icon to designate a time during the evening when users are no longer entering data into the database to ensure accurate reporting.

Step Nine: Enter an email address in the "Ed-Fi Notification Email Address" field to receive error reports when errors are detected in data that is shared with WISEdata.

Step Ten: Select a building from the "Building" drop-down list to configure Ed-Fi settings for a specific jmc building.

Step Eleven: Place a checkmark in the "Send 'unknown' status in SSFSPA for this building" checkbox to allow jmc to update Student School Food Service Program Association statuses.

Step Twelve: Place a checkmark in the "Disable sending student addresses for this building" checkbox to prevent addresses from being uploaded to WI DPI.

Step Thirteen: Place a checkmark in the "Enable sending Student Transcript Resources for this building" checkbox to upload student transcript information to the WI DPI.

Step Fourteen: Click the "Save" button to update your Ed-Fi configuration settings.

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