The Checklist tab found on the Wisconsin > WISEdata > End Year page includes a checklist of necessary preliminary tasks that need to be done prior to WISEdata end of year reporting.

The first step in submitting end year state reporting in Wisconsin is to follow the instructions on the "Checklist" tab located in jmc Office under Wisconsin > WISEdata > End Year. Make sure to check off each task as it's completed!

Step One: Go to Edit > Mass Change Fields and give all seniors a graduation date.

Step Two: Have seniors that won't be graduating? Manually remove the graduation date for those students in Edit > Student Data under the "General" tab.

Step Three: Establish the exit date and code for all students in a grade level that have not already been exited (dropped) by going to Wisconsin > Year End > Mass Exit Students.

A few helpful tips:

  • This must be done in each state reporting building.

  • Do one grade level at a time.

  • The end-of-year day number as specified on Edit > Edit School Data will be used as the exit date.

  • Most students will get a code of TC

  • Students with a graduation date and credentials set will get a code of HSC

  • Students below the compulsory age of 6 on the last day of school will get a code of BCA.

Step Four: Go to Wisconsin > WISEdata > Update Students by Grade Level. Choose a grade level using the drop-down list. Then click "WISEdata Update Students by Grade Level". Repeat this step for each grade level.

Step Five: Click each button on the "General" tab one at a time giving time for each process to complete.

Helpful Tip: The tasks within the "Student" tab have been moved to Wisconsin > WISEdata > Update Students by Grade Level. See this article for more information.

Step Six: Click the "Discipline" tab to submit discipline information to the Wisconsin DPI.

Step Seven: Use the building drop-down list to select your first state reporting building.

Step Eight: Click "WISEdata Update Discipline Prescan". This will begin the process of scanning your discipline data for potential errors.

Step Nine: Review the results of your prescan looking for discipline data or errors.

Step Ten: Click "Print Summary" to get a hard copy of your prescan. This can help facilitate error correction. If the data looks good, click "Cancel Summary".

Step Eleven: Click "WISEdata Update Discipline" to submit your discipline information to the state.

Step Twelve: Repeat steps seven through eleven for each of your state reporting buildings.

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