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Create CTE course sections in Wisconsin
Create CTE course sections in Wisconsin

CTE course sections associate jmc courses with career and technical education programs for tracking student progress through a CTE program.

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Creating a Career and Technical Education course section in jmc recognizes the selected course as a part of the state CTE program. On the Edit Course Data page in jmc Office, simply label courses as dual credit college courses or high school courses with certified or non-certified CTE concentrator status to prepare for tracking student progress through course based CTE programs. Create CTE course sections in jmc Office to associate with a state career and technical education program.

Designate courses associated with specific CTE programs on the Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data page.

Step One: Enter the course name in the "Find" field to select the course.

Step Two: Click the "Add Section" link to create a section designated specifically for CTE students on the Sections tab.

Helpful Tip: Edit the appropriate term, period, days, teacher, room, and bell schedule to complete the section for scheduling purposes.

Step Three: Click the "State Specific Section" tab to associate a CTE program status with the section you created in step two.

Step Four: Click the "Edit" link next to the section you created to edit the CTE program to the specified section.

Step Five: Place a checkmark in the appropriate checkbox(es) listed in the program drop-down list to designate the selected section as a certified, non-certified, dual credit and/or world language CTE course.

Step Six: Click the "Update" link to save your changes or click the "Cancel" link to discard them.

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