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Nebraska: The General tab on the View Student Data page
Nebraska: The General tab on the View Student Data page

Your hub for all student information, the View Student Data page includes student, school and state specific information on the General tab.

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Students are the heart of any school system and as such they are the heart of your student information system. In jmc Office, the View Student Data page includes all the important information for each individual student in your district. The "General" tab on the View Student Data page includes information specific to the student, school and state for a variety of purposes including state reporting.

In jmc Office, head to the View Student Data page and click on the "General" tab to utilize the following fields:

Column One

Active: With a checkmark placed in the "Active" checkbox, the selected student will be available for scheduling, attendance and grading.

Attendance & State Report: With checkmarks placed in the State Report and Attendance checkboxes, the selected student will be included in those state reports.

Rank & Honor Roll: Placing a checkmark in the Rank and Honor Roll checkboxes includes the selected student in class rank and honor roll consideration.

Special Considerations: The Special Considerations checkbox is a locally defined designation that allows you to run a list of all students with Special Considerations.

High Ability Learner Participant: The student is identified as a High Ability Learner according to the criteria and has participated in the High Ability Learner program.

High Ability Learner Eligibility: The student is identified as a High Ability Learner by meeting Nebraska defined criteria for a High Ability Learner.

Honors or Advanced Placement: The student has participated in an honors program or advanced placement classes.

Is A Single Parent: Indicates that the student is an unmarried caregiver

Nonpublic Targeted Assist: Nonpublic students who received Title 1 services from your district at any time during the school year.

Military Family Code: An indication that the student has a parent or guardian that is a member of the Armed Forces on active duty or on full-time National Guard duty.

Ineligible for Activity Entry: Reward good behavior via GATE! Students marked "Ineligible for Activity Entry" will be noted on the GATE portal when considering admission to events.

Directory Information Opt Out - An indication that the parent (or student) has chosen to exercise their rights under FERPA to restrict the disclosure of directory information.

Column Two

Birth Date, Graduation Date & Grad Year: Add this information for transcripts and student identification purposes.

Username: Allows your student to login to jmc Student with their own unique credentials.

Password: Protects your student portal with a unique password that can be randomly set under File > Administrator Options

Email/Email 2 & Student Cell Phone: Help connect the student to your school via the Message Center.

License Plate Number: Enter a License Plate # for your student to keep a record on file. Export a list of students with license plate numbers under Attendance > Student > Lists to create a searchable database of student vehicles.

Column Three

Reference #: The reference # is an internal jmc number automatically created when the student is entered into the software.

Student ID: The "Student ID" is a jmc generated ID number that corresponds with the order students are entered into the database. To change this number, head to Edit > Renumber Students

SSN: The student's Social Security Number is used in some instances to identify students for different state programs.

ID #: The ID #, different from the State ID is a user defined number associated with the student for lunch or other internal purposes.

State ID: The State ID is issued to the student by the NDE. Consult the Nebraska web application to find student IDs manually.

Locker & Combination: The Locker/Combination fields can be displayed on student schedules and in jmc Student.

Bus # and Transported: The Bus # and Transported fields are internal fields that can be used for generating student lists on the Attendance > Student > Lists page. These fields are independent of the "Bus" tab and are not reported to the state.

Expected High School of Graduation: The expected high school the student intends on graduating from.

Postgraduate Activity: An indication of the student’s activity after their graduation or completion.

Postgraduate Activity Determination: The method used for determining a student’s post-graduation activity.

Tag: Tags can be used to designate students to specific groups in an "A/B" day situation or when some students might remote learning students.

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