A student has left your district. Should you drop them, inactivate them, or delete them from your database? The following overview will help you decide. But, we recommend you contact jmc support to make sure.

Drop vs. Inactivate vs. Delete Student

  • Drop - student attended for at least one day of the current school year but has since left the school.
    To drop a student, use Attendance > Student > Drop Student.

  • Inactivate - student attended the previous year but has not attended at all during the current school year.
    To inactivate, use Edit > Student Data and uncheck the student's Active, Attendance, and State Reporting flags.

  • Delete - this is the most severe and is not generally advised unless the student will never attend the school again and there has been no data submitted to the state department for this student for the current year.
    Helpful Tip: Deleting the student gives you no further opportunities to view or otherwise work with the student's data.
    To delete a student, use Edit > Delete A Student (only available at the district level).

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